High Class Wine Tour

In the Napa, California region, you can take a wine tour every day and hit a different winery. The area is so charming and picturesque that you want to spread your wings and explore. There is so much within a small territory. You discover something new about wine in every location and you can add to your personal collection as you go. You can go for a day visit and it takes a couple of hours to sample a few wines and munch on the local cheeses.

You can also make a weekend outing and stay at one of the many quaint and luxurious bed-and-breakfast inns. You can very personalized service. The rooms have huge beds with custom linens to match the décor of each one. There are views from all the windows. Breakfast comes with the room and you can be sure it is by prepared by a gourmet chef. No two inns serve the same food. After lunch you can start your private wine tasting and a tour of the vineyard which includes watching wine making and a glimpse of the huge oak barrel storage rooms. You can speak personally with the vintner and hear about the latest grapes and what is happening this season. You can ask questions and glean as much knowledge as you care to gather.

Come night fall, you can visit one of the many restaurants in the region, some of great repute like the French Laundry—that is if you can even get a reservation. In the late evening it is time to take a soak in the indoor hot tub in a private building in a remote section of the grounds. What a treat. The water is warm and soothing and it has spray jets to massage your muscles. It is a great way to end a wonderful day. You are madly in love with the inn and take walks around the vicinity any change you can get. A bed and breakfast is a unique experience that is typical in Napa and in town they are in old Victorian houses.

So you can choose if you want to be in a winery or a historic house. They are both worth a try at least once each so you can compare. Either way you can take the Napa train and enjoy dinner as you view the scenery along the route. There are multiple ways to make your stay special. The hot tub has to be the one thing that really stood out for us. Part of it was the walk to the building in which it was housed and part of it was the way it topped off a perfect evening. We enjoyed one last glass of wine while enjoying the splendor of the steaming water. It was the perfect night cap and part of the inns tradition for guests. We expect we will return shortly for another wine tour weekend. Try it yourself for a special experience.