Must Haves When Making a Wine Cellar

Napa Valley is a glorious wine region in Northern California less than an hour from San Francisco and the Bay Area. You can get there pretty fast. As a result, it gets legions of tourists who come to taste the local product and tour the many fine wineries. Many people retire in the valley and spend their senior years learning more about grapes and various processes innovated in the region. Some even take the picturesque train that runs through the area which provides stellar views. All in all, we are proud to represent Napa Valley and the reputation it has accrued over the years, placing its wines favorably in competition even with the illustrious French. No doubt you have seen many of the movies filmed on site. They tell of the colorful success stories. In addition, anyone who lives around the vineyards has a wine cellar that boasts of the best years—and there are lots of them. It takes a lifetime to learn enough to be a real expert and in the know. People even in outlying areas inspired by Napa want to have a wine cellar as well. There is a certain art to building one to make sure there is proper temperature control and adequate dry storage. Having your own wine cellar is a wonderful luxury indeed; imagine you can have wine around the clock, whenever you like.

You can build the shelves yourself or buy pre-existing units suitable for red and white wines co-existing peaceably. If you love wine as we do, you will take every precaution to protect your collection and that includes from the onslaught of mold. An air purifier that rids the environment of this deadly stuff is a must in any well-stocked and well-provided wine cellar. This is something that not everyone knows. They think you need to have air conditioning first and foremost. It takes more than this to regulate the cellar. An air purifier for mold is not just for allergies and being with respiratory problems. It can help keep mold at bay and limit any invasion of the wooden wine barrels. In point of fact, you can see that there is a lot to know. Mold can be destructive. It isn’t just that it is unsightly as it clings to the precious bottles. Anything that alters the taste of the wine is a threat indeed.

While an air purifier is a must along with other equipment in your cellar, the purpose is to collect wines that you love and enjoy in sufficient quantities. I know many an aficionado who adores a special wine, but drank one case in no time flat and couldn’t get that particular year any more. Make your wine cellar your loving baby that houses wine from wineries you have visited. It is a great way to store memories in bottle form. Being from Napa, I can assure you that there is no shortage of wine from which to choose each and every day. It takes weeks to attend wine tastings in the region. You never run out.