You can Never be Too Safe

I am going to take a moment to diverge from my favorite topic of wine and recount a conversation I had with a couple we met on a tasting tour. They had recently been robbed and it was on their mind. They needed to talk about it to vent the fear that had acquired. It was not just about sharing. Not having experienced a home invasion, mobbing, or other similar threat, I was at first distant; but as the subject got personal, I realized that I could be a victim at any time.

What struck me is the fact that you can’t be too safe. Ten locks on the door are irrelevant if a window can be pried open or you have a means of entry in the basement or garage. On behalf of myself and my family, I fully intend to buy a gun and safe to house the weapon. I hear that Stack-On is a good choice for the average owner. So let’s see what you need to know.

An example is the PWS-1522 which is a type of fall safe that fits between studs. I wanted one that was large enough to handle various contents and also one that was bolted in place. In this case, the safe is mostly inside the wall and the door can be concealed from public view. No one would know that firearms, documents, keys, jewelry, cash, and other valuables were housed neatly inside.

What attracted me to this model was the burglary-resistant solid plate steel pry-resistant door with an extra-thick steel locking plate. There is also an interesting safety feature that goes into action if there are several attempts to open the lock. For yourself, there is an emergency access override key included. Stack-On makes a number of good safes that uses fingerprints, for example, instead of an electronic key pad. They also have a variety of strong boxes. I mention this brand because it is a leading manufacturer of top-quality security products. You can’t go wrong, so look no further!

They go back to 1972, by the way, and have earned a solid reputation for specialty storage including guns. I also like the FS-24-MG-C elite fire resistant convertible safe with combination lock. Your firearms and ammo are secure and out of reach. It is tamper proof and worry-free. You never want weapons to be too visible and attract children or unauthorized users. Plus this model has a DOJ firearm safety device and can protect belongings from fire up to 1400 degrees F for thirty minutes.

This is a large unit as gun safes go and can hold 24 rifles but I wanted to give an idea of what people typically like, including collectors who want storage galore. You get live action steel locking bolds and steel dead bolts with 8 locking points. There is nothing as secure as solid steel and a reinforced door. Inside is quite another story. It is carpeted and contains four adjustable shelves.

So my decision has been made and I will soon be the proud owner of a protective weapon. I will also have the usage of a top-tier gun safe that is a mandatory additional purchase.