Pacing Yourself at a Wine Tasting

Wine tastings are among the only sorts of events where it is completely socially acceptable to spit in public. The spittoons or tasting buckets that are going to be available at almost any wine tasting are really an essential public service. People would eventually be falling down drunk without the use of these spittoons. Even people who are great at pacing themselves during wine tastings are still going to end up taking in enough wine that they will end up drunk before long. You have to spit out the wine if you’re actually going to enjoy the day.

Wine enthusiasts have gotten our fair share of mockery over the years. That’s fine: it’s not like we haven’t earned it at all. Lots of us are even proud of it. However, wine tastings are ideally not just excuses to get drunk. I personally don’t think that anyone needs an excuse to get drunk. I sure don’t use wine tastings as that excuse.

I also recommend doing what you can to prepare for a wine tasting in advance. I know that my own tolerance for alcohol has gone down as I’ve gotten older, even though I’ve been going on vineyard tours and to wine tastings my entire life. It’s just one of those inevitable consequences of aging that I guess a lot of people don’t notice because they aren’t hobbyists.

At any rate, I try to make sure I’ve eaten something before going to a wine tasting. Most wine tastings are going to have food there, but you can’t always guarantee that it’s going to be enough to make a difference when it comes to your alcohol resistance. I recommend making sure that you never have to find out, which is where eating in advance comes in. Make sure that whatever you eat is high in protein and fat, too.

I also recommend making sure that you’re hydrated in advance. Try to make sure that you have some water with you, just in case. You never know what you’re going to find at certain wine tastings. Nothing dehydrates you quite like alcohol, and you’re going to have a rough time the next day if you don’t stay hydrated during the wine tasting, as well as before and after the wine tasting.

However, wine tastings are not about self-denial. If you get a little tipsy as a result of enjoying too much good wine, I say that it doesn’t matter as long as someone can drive you home and you made preparations. It seems like everyone these days is trying to turn holidays and other special events into opportunities to diet. You have to somehow have a low-fat or low-carb Thanksgiving, however that works and whichever version is in fashion. You have to make sure you don’t have any dessert at Christmas. You have to jump through all these hoops to avoid Halloween candy, even though candy is part of Halloween.