Fun Facts About Wine

You learn a lot of things over the years at wine tastings. For one thing, wine tastings attract the truly passionate devotees like us. They also attract the kind of people who would like you to believe that they’re truly passionate devotees, even if they wouldn’t know wine from grape juice that had been left out in the sun for too long.

I think that even people who aren’t really passionate about wine could benefit from learning a little more about it. Wine is a precious commodity worldwide, and it has had a huge impact on human history. It’s an important part of many different cultures. If you know anything at all about wine, you’re automatically going to appear more cultured than a lot of your friends anyway, so what do you have to lose?

Here’s a fun fact: 250,000 different varieties of wine come out every year. People who laugh at how wine tasters could possibly have that much to do should remember that it’s hard to get a lot of experience with wine in a normal lifetime. That’s actually one reason why you should try to limit yourself to the best. Life is too short to taste cheap wines.

For one thing, the five characteristics of wine are as follows: the fruit, sweetness, tannins, acidity, and body. I’d say that each aspect of the wine is pleasant in its own right in some ways. The sweetness is the characteristic that a lot of people talk about, and why wouldn’t they?

People who have only ever experienced cheap wine are shortchanging themselves in the wine department. Cheap wine is low on sweetness, which is why it basically tastes like a cleaning solution.

Wines with no sugar can still taste sweet, as weird as it sounds. Wine that’s made from sweet grapes with aged oak is going to be sweet.

A typical glass of wine is five ounces or six ounces. That one little ounce can make a huge difference at wine tastings, let me tell you.

However, the big burning question that people have is whether or not cost really matters with wine. The answer is yes, but the location, the aging, and other factors will complicate the situation. There’s lots of great wine out there that isn’t going to set you back like the purchase of a new car.