How to Really Taste Wine


One of the aspects of wine tasters that has gotten some criticism over the years is the fact that we emphasize that there really is a special way to taste wine. People like to joke about how we’re a group of people who needed remedial tasting and sipping.

These are people who obviously view wine in a way that is very different from us, and they probably view life in a similar fashion. They view wine in an obviously functional fashion, and they don’t think of the consumption of wine as being a profound sensory experience. Wine tasting isn’t about getting wine down your throat as quickly as possible and then moving onto something else in order to maximize for some type of efficiency. Wine tasting is about really savoring and appreciating the beverage because it really can offer the sort of sensory experience that you just won’t get with the majority of other beverages.

You can’t get to a point where you can really taste wine without really knowing what you’re tasting and why. Usually, the first thing that you’ll notice is the sweetness of the wine, or lack thereof as the case may be. You’ll get a tingle on your tongue immediately if you’re dealing with a very sweet wine. The middle of your tongue might feel slightly oily.

The acidity of the wine is one of the next things that you will be able to taste. You’ll probably think that it’s the alcohol content of the wine that you’re noticing, but the sharp, tart flavor is usually going to be the acidity of the wine. The acidity of wine will manifest itself as this sharp feeling on the front and sides of your tongue. Your mouth will feel wet and gravelly at the same time as a result of the strong acidity of the wine.

You’ll get a feeling of dryness in your mouth, which is almost always caused by the tannin content of the wine. It isn’t a pronounced feeling of dryness and it isn’t uncomfortable, but that is one of the consequences of the tannins in wine. Wine wouldn’t have the body or the durability that it does without the tannin content that it has, and I think the tannins add to the experience in a pleasant way.